About Medizco Center

‘You may want to reach out for help with regards to your finances if….

1) You have a well thought through plan that you and your partner agree on and are committed to. You do not know where and how to implement the plan

2) You don’t have any plan. You have some vague visibility of the future and realise that you need more clarity and a plan to ensure all goes well. You don’t know how to make one

3) You don’t know what is going wrong. You don’t seem to have enough money, your money doesn’t seem to grow, life seems out of control and you’d rather shut your eyes when the future is shown to you.

Depending on what is your story is you may choose to

a) Read through magazines, blogs, watch videos to find out where to invest. Then reach out to discount brokers / direct plans / low cost schemes with efficient implementation and reporting systems.

b) Reach out to financial planners who can understand your vision for your future and help you make a plan to reach your goal. They may also help you implement the plan, monitor progress and make course corrections when necessary.

c) Reach out to a financial coach who can help you identify the core issue that needs resolution in your relationship with money. You can then commit to building good money habits, making a plan, implementing it and turning around your life.

Think this through, talk to people and identify what would best serve your interest. This is a decision that has a lasting impact in your life. Choose well.