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“Gutting broke again” – my son said with a lot of hesitation.

His new coach had asked to change the string tension in his racquet for more power or spin. And his gutting has been breaking every 3-4 days. Re-gutting costs Rs.800 – 1000 every time.

H takes active part in our weekly budget discussions. This sudden spike in expenditure has unsettled him a bit.

We decided together that we will set aside a fixed sum of money for gutting. He was to look at ways to reduce the costs – maybe buy strings in wholesale, or ask the sport shop for a deal etc.

And yesterday this is the WhatsApp conversation with his coach,

Coach : From tomorrow you start playing in the advanced batch. 3 hours a day – 6 days a week. CBD aa jao.
H : Okay sir. 1 on 1 ya group coaching sir?
Coach : Mixed hoga. 2 hours group and 1 hour 1 on 1.
H : Ok sir. How much will the monthly fees be?
Coach : Rs.XXXX.
H : Sir, workout ka cost alag hai kya?
Coach : Nahi – workout included hai.
H : Sir – gutting ka cost bhi include karo na. Please.

🙂 🙂 Was I proud or what???

Principle 8 – Our children are responsible with money.