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great ‘earning plan’. An ‘income generation’ plan.

“I have a clear plan for my business. 6 years from now our turnover will be 100 crores at this rate of growth. We have a team and we have done our market research. I think I am all sorted” – think many an entrepreneur.

Well….this is a great ‘earning plan’. An ‘income generation’ plan.

Not a ‘Wealth creation’ plan.

Many confuse ‘income generation’ with ‘wealth creation’. Income is the source of wealth. But income does not necessarily convert to wealth.

There is something that happens between ‘income generation’ and ‘wealth creation’.

And when that happens well, you build wealth with ‘no conditions’. Wealth that you can do anything with. Wealth that you can freely give away to anyone you like. Wealth that your family will inherit as theirs. Wealth with which you can create larger impact.