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Goal Setting 2021

I had a middle-class upbringing. Took loans to complete my education. Over the last 20 years have worked in industries as diverse as hotel management to automobiles to financial services.

In my hugely satisfying work life, my earnings have been good. My supportive net worth of friends and colleagues even better. The family is around and safe. Shouldn’t I be living the dream life? I wasn’t….

Financially something kept worrying me at the back of my mind. Most of my money was going to maintain a growing lifestyle and to pay off loans. I was worried about my parents falling sick, having a setback at work etc. And job markets are not totally dependable either.

I worked long hours, sometimes in not very exciting projects just because they paid well. I realized that I would have to continue working for as long as I can, just to maintain our living expenses and do the usual things like put the kid through college and take care of parents etc. The stress and work – life imbalance was taking a toll on my peace of mind, health and relationships to some extent. It was not the best of places to be in…

That is when I decided that I want to change this situation. I had to figure out some way of creating assets that can give me income. That way our living expenses can be managed from passive income and I can dream of retiring and doing other things sometime in the reasonable future.
Fortunately, we got the right kind of help at the right time. We set a target to get out and stay out of all loans, create a little corpus for the children, and build for ourselves a personal wealth worth Rs.10 crores in the next 7 years.

We follow a well researched and hugely successful 9 step process to build wealth. We had to make a few lifestyle changes and take some important decisions about expenses, investments, loan repayment etc. On the 9 steps, we graduated to Step 4 in Dec 2020 and if all things go well, we will move to step 5 & 6 this year.

The fear is gone. I know that we are heading the right way. I now work on my terms as a consultant and enjoy freedom and respect in the work that I do. When I spend there is no guilt. I am smiling a bit more these days. This is hugely inspiring for me 🙂

– This…. is a story of many a client and it could be yours too! –

Would you like to explore this possibility for you and your family?
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This empowering 45-minute Exploratory meeting will get you amazing clarity on what is important to you and what is stopping you from making progress. You will walk away with immediate actions you can take to get on your journey without delay.

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