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Get these hurdles out of the way..

If you plan to run a race you need to clear the track first.

If there are too many hurdles, chances of tripping and falling are higher than finishing the race.

In your race to create wealth, these hurdles have to be cleared

– Rains during monsoons can be an emergency or an inconvenience – depending on whether you are carrying an umbrella or not. Having a solid emergency plan is throwing away one big hurdle.

– Many a family have sold family heirloom to tend to an ailing family member. Having all insurances will allow you to stand up even if life pushes you down. You have a chance of putting back your running shoes.

– Loans are big holes that ensure your income leaks away and don’t convert to wealth. Plug these holes and ensure you never make another one, you’ll see your pot fill a lot faster.

Which of these hurdles are stopping you?

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