Employee Wellness Program
“60 Minutes to Wealth” is a one of a kind guided “Do It Yourself” program on wealth creation for corporate executives..
Successful corporate employees spend a significant amount of time at work. This leaves them with little or no time to manage their money and smartly make the most of the wealth that they generate.
Without a structured and well-thought out wealth creation plan, most executives are anxious about achieving critical life goals and maintaining their lifestyle post retirement.
Progressive organizations believe that their employees deserve better than that. They initiate activities that can help their teams manage their money well and stay stress free at work.
Progressive organizations who believe that their employees deserve better than that and want to initiate activities to coach their high performing teams manage their money well, can reach out to us for conducting this program.
In a highly engaging program, attendees
- Understand the importance of setting Wealth goals
- Get an overview of various investment options
- Make sense of the concept of Risks and Returns in investing
- Choose an investment mix that best suits their personal situation
Attendees of the program will get to download our exclusive app (not available for download from anywhere else online) and try their hand at setting their own wealth goals and building a strategy that will work for them.
They can expect to walk out of the room with a clear understanding of various investment options and the steps they can take to build substantial personal wealth.
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‘60 minutes to wealth’ in your organisation or community.