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Do you need a separate budget every month?

Oh yes, you do.

The Budget for every month has to be different, because every month is different.
Most items will be cut, copy, paste. But some items might need more attention.

You should budget in higher expenses for fun and outdoor activities in summer. Maybe electricity bills too. In June would be ‘Back to School’ shopping. Nov / Dec are festival season so you have to budget for more groceries, gifts, new clothes and home cleaning services.

When you don’t look at each month as a unique month, you are going to get stressed. That takes all the fun away from celebrating and giving. We don’t want that.

Also, you will think – something or other comes up and so the budget doesn’t work so let’s not do the budget. Budgeting works – if its done properly.

And you are learning how to ace this. Aren’t you?