Hello I'm
Bhuvanaa Shreeram
I am a -Financial Planner (CFP CM), independent wealth consultant, a ‘trying to be regular’ blogger, passionate teacher and a very involved mom.
I help successful but busy corporate executives and first generation entrepreneurs, set for themselves inspiring life goals, chart out workable plans and build substantial personal wealth
How it all started
It was never a childhood dream or nor was I inspired by anyone to become a financial planner!.
I grew up in the historical town Madurai and later in the erstwhile textile capital of South India, Coimbatore. And back then, all we knew was that if we studied math & science, we could become a doctor or an engineer. If we studied commerce & accounts (which was never a first choice) we could become Chartered Accountants.

Whatever else I knew or not, I definitely knew studying too hard for long hours was not for me. I liked being around people, bossing around and spinning stories. Despite good grades, I chose to study commerce and accounts.

After a basic graduation in commerce, I joined an advertising agency in Coimbatore. I would write poetry and copy for print and radio ads. My boss was the coolest ad guy I knew. He would put me to the grind, send me to meet tough clients and when I goofed up (which he knew I would) taught me some of the most valuable lessons I learnt.

A year later I went back to school to study management. I chose finance and marketing topics even though the hot subjects then, in early 2000s was IT. Few marketing and finance companies recruited management grads that year and I ended up selling heavy commercial trucks in interior Tamilnadu (in a competitor’s bastion).

Once more, an awesome boss taught me to build relationships before asking for a sale. I was probably the only woman commercial vehicle sales person in the country and that made me notoriously famous in the circles.

From there, I moved to financing commercial vehicles with one of South India’s largest NBFCs. I got to work with the smart and sharp big bosses of the organisation helping them crack an important code in their product suite. The company went on to become a leader in funding Small Commercial Vehicles - a segment they were struggling with earlier.

I was by then tired of commercial vehicles. I was done doing test runs on empty chassis, pampering fleet owners while cursing them under my breath, drinking chai with the drivers and discussing tyre mileage. I wanted out.

I joined a start-up company floated by the same NBFC to sell insurance products and mutual funds. That’s when financial services happened.

It was exactly then that I was personally grappling with many financial issues myself - student loans, home loans, a growing family, extended family dependants and not a penny in the bank by the 15th of the money.

A CFP CM certification followed and I subsequently moved to a full time wealth management job - handling HNI wealth in a boutique wealth management outfit. I would write financial plans for anyone who asked. Not many did.

This was 2007

The turning point
I was selling equity stock trading, IPOs, mutual fund NFOs and some structured products during the peak of the bull run. Equity markets had a 50% CAGR to boast off in the preceding 5 years. Everything sold easily. If you didn’t sell, someone else did.

And 2008 happened. Our son was born.

After my mandatory maternity leave, I got back to work in May 2008 to what looked like a house run down by a storm. Clients were screaming, pulling out money in hoardes, calling me names. The fall happened and for a year and a half, stood fallen. It felt like I was thrown down on the ground and my face pressed under booted legs. Those were days of extreme stress and great learning.

I learnt amongst many other things that preparing for a sale is more important than the sale itself. Setting the right expectations, discussing worst case scenarios while giving a broader perspectives was important. I failed to do it patiently in my exuberance to outdo my colleagues, and it cost me dearly.
Attempts to change the world
Fresh with such invaluable learnings and the new mom enthusiasm, I aspired to do some work on financial education for kids. Along with my super smart cousin, we conducted workshops, after-school classes, parenting seminars etc. to impart money lessons for children between 10 - 18 years of age. We approached schools and colleges to take up our programs.

We wanted to create a financially secure next generation and change the world!

As much as we were passionate about it, we had no business sense. We did not know how to make money out of doing this. And by 2011, we wound things down.

We moved cities - to Mumbai, the financial capital of India. I spent another 5 years working for a financial planning and wealth management company. I was exposed to the best in category financial advisers and once again, a kickass visionary boss. I attended international workshops, made friends with doyens in the industry and got myself some amazing mentors.

The company I was working with got taken over and in early 2016, I started my own wealth management practice. I chose to work on a robust platform build by one of India’s leading private wealth managers. Friends and family started reaching out to me. They trusted me, I gave them my best. They referred me to their friends and family and my practice grew organically.

The joy of seeing clients’ financial lives change, their confidence grow and their net worth move northwards year on year makes this profession addictive.

I hope and pray that God give me time and health to take the work I do to as many people as possible and create a ‘financially secure next generation’ - but this time, one family at a time.

On a personal note
I live in Thane, Maharashtra in a beautiful township with my family.

My college sweetheart who I happily married, works for an NBFC and goes after people who don’t return borrowed money. I guess he must be the only Head of Collections in the lending industry who has a permanent smile plastered on his face.

Our son goes to school and plays tennis. He is a Rafael Nadal fan. If any of you know Rafa Nadal personally, please get us an intro. My son wants in a selfie with him that he can blow up and make it the wallpaper in his room. He eats, sleeps, walks and talks tennis and dreams of someday beating Rafa and then employing him as his coach.

My husband’s parents, sister and the extended family have been my pillar of support through my journey. I married young and they easily adopted me into their fold. I am forever indebted to them.

My mom, my sister and dad from up there, have been my cheerleaders egging me on and applauding everything I did. Right from my crazy NCC days when I would go away to camps for months together and come back with lice in the hair, to liking and sharing every blogpost and video that I make. I would be no one without them.