4 smart questions to ask before investing your money
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  1. You have a time frame of less than 10 years for your investments.
  2. You have business liabilities, rotating credit card bills or personal borrowings made to fund consumption expenses.
  3. You expect steady returns and cannot stand any drop in the value of your investments at any point in time.
  4. You expect more than 14% returns on your investments.
  5. You expect no more than 7% - 8% returns.
  6. You already have an adviser who communicates with you regularly and the only reason you are looking for a change is because the returns on your investments handled by him / her is not satisfactory.
  7. You think this country is no good, everything happening around you is bad and the future looks all bleak. I WON'T BE ABLE TO HELP. I AM SORRY.
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Bhuvanaa is professional, courteous and they do great follow up
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Prompt response and very helpful.
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It's Bhuvna's personal touch and attention which makes me feel comfortable
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There is constant communication through various medium and updates to ensure that the investments are in sound shape
Lawyer, Mumbai
Your insights and quality of research make it totally worthwhile working with you
Alex Coutinho,
Sr. Executive, Phillipines.
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