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Does your financial
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What are best investment options?
How to build wealth for retirement?
How to get out of loans?
How to save up for children’s
eduation? or just
How to find some surplus in

In financial options confuse you and
you dont’t know where to start
I can help you find the loose end.

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Debaani Ghosh

I would like to express my Heartfelt gratitude to Bhuvana for empowering me to break down my financial goals into do able action plans.In the process of doing so Bhuvana has helped me identify my sources to monetize and work on.To be honest its much more than just finance but still beinh on point and around finance. No,no no pep talk or gyaan,and absolutely no self thought questions asked to thinkabout later and ponder about till the next session.Pure listening and asking the right questions to take me towards answers I knew but cudnt articulate myself. Small action plans which are practical and doable is what I loved the most. I highly recommend all of your ll to have a one to one with Bhuvana.More power to you lovely lady.

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Neeraj Shah Business Mentor | Business Mastermind

I have had an opportunity to work with Bhuvanaa for the last 2.5 years and the experience has been amazing. She has provided level headed hand holding, regular support and systematic execution of my wealth growth plan. It's allowed me to gain financial stability and independence. If you want to grow your wealth and retire early to do the things you want then Bhuvanaa is the go to person !

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Sunil Motwani Partner at M.B.Builders

I am using Bhuvanaa’s services and I would highly recommend her to one and all, first of all you can trust her blindly, I am investing with her and she guides me where to put my money and am completely satisfied with her guidance. I would wish Bhuvanaa all the best for the future.

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Raj Awasthi Providing Investment solutions to achieve financial goals

She is an excellent mentor and a very positive human being.She is the “go to person” when conflicts arise and handles all kinds of situation very serenely. She motivated me to become independent financial planner and i am very thankful to her for giving me the opportunity .She is a great asset to Ffreedom golden practices.

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GOPAL VK Global Business & Consulting Leader

A right mix of Professional expertise & understanding of Psychology, defines Bhuvana as a perfect financial advisor.

Focus on execution and eye on results differentiates her.

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Rajagopalan srinivasan Proprietor at Sri Financial Advisory Services

Very good at presentation on financial service products

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Salaried people on meagre earnings have created abundant wealth. Corner office occupying highly paid executives have nothing to show for all their earnings. Converting your I income into lasting wealth is a skill anyone can learn.

You have people to care for. You are responsible and that is so awesome. If you want to care for your loved ones for long and in more meaningful ways, you will need to plan for it well. Planning well is the best way to care.

That can be unsettling a bit. The moment you identify what you are investing for, you will realise for yourself whether you are doing too little or too much. Getting clarity on goals is a great first step out of this uncertainty.

I turned my own life using the same principles. Hundreds of people have changed theirs. I work on a fee basis for the time we spend together co-creating your future. You can never be sure. You will have to try me to know if you can trust me.

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